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  • さとし
    20:59 September 11, 2021
    I visit Hakata once or twice a year every time I go to play. There are many young and streaky children, and I think it is definitely Hakata's number one development site. Unfortunately I can't go anymore due to age restrictions, but I did a lot with younger children.
    Original language: Japanese
  • りきや
    02:03 April 30, 2020
    There is an old man, but it is the safest store in Fukuoka. There are many young people. The body is slim.
    Original language: Japanese
  • ちゃんこ
    12:50 August 20, 2019
    Here, it is severe if you are not trained in your late 30’s or older. I'm 40-year-old this year, it wasn’t easy to get into the youth circle. The facilities were good.
    Original language: Japanese