• XY
    12:52 December 5, 2021
    It's Friday 21:00. At the reception, you will be given erotic underwear only for straps and asked to wear it. Ichimotsu can't hide (laughs) The number of people was small, but everyone was training, so I didn't have any problems with the other party. Let's ejaculate three people and I'm done too. I will go if it gets uneven again.
    Original language: Japanese
  • 風来坊
    22:52 March 29, 2021
    I went around 21:00 on Monday. I had a big suitcase because I was from outside the prefecture, but he was very kind to me.

    The inside of the store is also clean, including private rooms, break rooms, toilets, and shower rooms.

    There were only a few customers because it was a late time, but I am very happy because I was able to work with my 30's macho brother. (There were quite a few tissues in the trash can, so I might recommend an early time.) This is the shop I want to visit again! !!
    Original language: Japanese
  • りきや
    02:03 April 30, 2020
    A store where you can do muscle muscular or straight-eyed handsome macho. Occasionally, the fat old man can have a good time.
    Original language: Japanese