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  • CC
    18:23 March 4, 2020
    Quite a competitive venue, clever design of space, the possibility of encounters, and the cleanliness of the environment can be compared to major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka when visiting Okinawa.

    Sophisticate room design and neat environment make Nadasousou a very competitive local gay sauna. For all gay sauna goers who drop by Okinawa, please spend a night here. It's a must.
    Original language: Chinese
  • フリーバード
    19:45 December 27, 2019
    I go sightseeing once or twice a year. As pointed out by everyone, the clerk is beautiful and refreshing, and even my father greets me with a smile. This time there were a lot of macho handsome guys from Taiwan. Good view. I would recommend it.
    Original language: Japanese
    23:31 December 22, 2019
    I used it when I went on a trip!
    The inside of the facility was the best in a clean and cozy space!
    I also want to use it when I visit Okinawa!
    Original language: Japanese
  • TAKA
    20:20 December 14, 2019
    I go there often..
    There are variations, but around midnight is exciting.
    The cleaning is thorough as you write, so you can spend it comfortably.
    Customers range from 20s to 50s and have a wide range of body shapes.
    Original language: Japanese
  • AK
    20:39 November 12, 2019
    Although it is a bit far from the center of Naha, it is worth a visit. It is recommended to wait patiently because people gather late in Okinawa.
    Original language: Japanese
  • Asashi
    00:26 October 10, 2019
    I came to Okinawa from Taiwan. Unlike Taiwan, I have never seen such a clean environment. There are only two baths. There are clean cots on the boards, and each one can be locked from the inside. The cave is connected to the next door or corridor, but it is almost a single bed space, a little small, and some will play G-chips.
    In particular, there is a large space about 6 people who can sleep, and the middle double bed on both sides of the bunk. Today, a pair of men are very excited at the live erotic palace.
    There is a condom in the hall, and there is a TV room. The walkway is a bit narrow. This is the GMPD Wednesday. There are not many people, and the body is also ordinary. The Japanese are not bad. It is recommended that you have a little more to go.
    Original language: Chinese
  • ゆう
    19:53 September 6, 2019
    Everything is in a comfortable space, the staff is very friendly! Thank you very much!
    Original language: Japanese
  • SURF
    11:37 July 28, 2019
    You can go on foot from Kokusai-dori, but let's tell the driver "Naha Junior High School" to taxi. There is a small "Nadasousou" written next to the stairs on the second floor.

    Yesterday I entered the store almost simultaneously with the opening. The customers were sparse until around 21:00, but they gradually increased. Okinawa's Hattenba seems to be true that the peak is late. The inside of the store was only moderately dark and the area around the locker was bright. You can make a shower in the bathroom. Condoms are free, but there was no lubes. It was saved that the other party that you did have. The regulars seem to bring it. The war results are a total of 2 people, a favorite Okinawan child seen and a tourist from Kanto. Both were satisfied with the dick.
    Original language: Japanese
  • まさ
    18:57 May 27, 2019
    I went for sightseeing, but the shop was beautiful and I was surprised.
    It was a weekday, but there were many people and there were many Taiwan and Chinese people, and the rate was high.
    I will go there again when I go to Okinawa! It was good that the clerk was kind.
    Original language: Japanese
  • 筋肉マン
    16:03 May 11, 2019
    The atmosphere was very good!
    I felt very good for Golden Week!
    I will go to eat again!
    Original language: Japanese