• 09:08 October 15, 2021
    When I went yesterday, I couldn't see the website, but I was told that the bulletin board was alive.

    There were few people, but it was good because I was able to do it
    Original language: Japanese
  • a
    15:06 February 20, 2021
    A lot of handsome and macho
    Original language: Japanese
  • CCplus
    01:39 March 6, 2020
    When you open the entrance door, there is a reception on your left, and you will be asked to write your height, weight and age. The first person may be a little surprised.
    I think this is a fun hattenba for muscle lovers.
    Original language: Japanese
  • CC
    03:47 March 5, 2020
    The receptionist is a very kind gentleman who patiently explains the rules and dress code. He had prepared signs in different languages based on where you come from. Dress codes will vary everyday. The number of lockers are limited. You might need to wait when fully occupied.
    Original language: Chinese
  • 野良犬
    02:01 June 1, 2019
    My debut was here. It's up to you if you have a handsome guy. Now I go to many other clubs, but when I saw the photos, it became uneven. I will go again.
    Original language: Japanese
  • 名無し
    04:14 April 29, 2019
    If the muscle quality is a type here it is!
    Entrance fee is also cheap and it is for gym admission 800 yen.
    As it is a house-like appearance, it may be puzzled to enter at first.
    But the signboard of the shop is pasted on the door.
    As re-entry is also free, I am here when I come to Osaka.
    Original language: Japanese
  • 乱麻
    16:04 April 23, 2019
    I went to the gym in the 30s. I went on Sunday evening. There were 14-15 people, including me, and I was not so wide, so I felt quite crowded. As there was only a washlet in the toilet, I took out everything and then took off the shower head in the bathroom on the third floor and showered. Gatchiri-kun, who was younger than me, touched the nipples when she made a decision on another customer in the chair on the second floor. It was a type and it was Tachi, so I immediately got OK and went up to the third floor again and had me dig in a private room. Only the other party gets acme and ends. Take a shower and go to the 2nd floor again and get out at the same age on the stairs and go to the 3rd floor again. Next time she sucks with her butt and she finally got it together. I'm satisfied I finished. The stay time was about an hour.
    Original language: Japanese