• 青空
    16:06 August 25, 2021
    It was a unique cruising for sex in Tokyo. There is no shower and anal washing is not possible, so it is not suitable for doing it tightly. You can clean the local area with an all-you-can-use hand towel. There is also an adult Chikuwa Theater that can only be seen here.
    Original language: Japanese
  • はな
    19:20 September 16, 2019
    There are many office workers in their 40s. A little young people may be subtle
    Original language: Japanese
  • たん
    09:45 July 14, 2019
    I've been there for the first time, but it looks like it was completely renovated and it's a very beautiful development area? It was like I thought.

    The place where there is a chair immediately after entering is like a dim cafe. It is very good though there are shops that are bothered to eat and drink in normal development. The main room is a sofa room with video and it looks like a cinema. It is a clothing type for fun people to do quietly while enjoying such an atmosphere rather than to say slam. But the clerk was also very kind, and I felt relieved that I could talk to other customers normally.

    I feel that the age is mainly between 30s and 40s. It seems that many people come with suits on weekdays, so next time I would like to go on weekdays.
    Original language: Japanese