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  • たん
    21:59 August 1, 2020
    The rooftop is groundbreaking! it's not a closed room on the rooftop, so you can feel safe and double the hatten at night. Of course there is a roof in the visible area, but there is a feeling of liberation. It's a little embarrassing because it's bright in the daytime, but it's fun for people who like Pooh to be able to talk in underwear.

    I think the concept of the store is easy to understand by name, and I think that the customer base has succeeded in the image as it is.

    Older people in their thirties are like thin, sloppy, gachibi, and thin macho. Many older people feel daddy. It ranges from people who are quite old to people who look like daddy and squid that is squishy. There were various combinations such as gachi x gachi, thin x pocha, muscular x muscular. There seem to be quite a few people with different tastes.

    Although it is a small space, it was easy to appeal to that extent, and there were few flowers on the wall, so it was a customer class with an adult atmosphere.
    Original language: Japanese