• O
    16:13 October 14, 2021
    I like to be able to train in my spare time because there is a gym. I wonder if there are many people in their 40s who are training reasonably well. Some people are young, though. The building itself isn't very beautiful, but I like it.
    Original language: Japanese
  • JK
    03:14 August 16, 2021
    I think this is the hottest gay sex club in East Tokyo! Great facilities includes fitness equipment and crowded with naughty customers!
  • ABC
    02:27 June 18, 2020
    I went this place after the renovation.

    The 2nd floor was a large gym area. Dumbbells are up to 40kg, and there are 3 machines for legs. I thought it was quite usable.

    The sling on the 4th floor is quite good. It was easy to fuck. On the contrary, the third floor was adult.

    I was worried about the effect of the corona, but the number of customers was the same as before, with about 15 people on weekday nights.
    Original language: Japanese
  • CC
    09:08 March 12, 2020
    Very first time in my life seeing people actually pee on someone. To broaden your horizon, this is the place you should go. In such a BDSM friendly sauna, you can find free diaper pads supplied on 4th floor. You can only find out the reason why they provide such thing by yourself.
    Original language: Chinese
  • Boon
    07:28 August 15, 2019
    Love the Fetish on Monday! I can be what I wanna be. The entrance is small but big enough inside.
  • 照人
    04:13 April 11, 2019
    It is useful that there is a cruise club not for fat men in Ueno area.

    It is quite large for cruise club in Japan. Because there is a small gym on the first floor, if you attack the cool person after pumping up lightly, will the success rate go up? maybe.

    The weekend is quite busy. Guests are mainly in their 30s. Sometimes I see uncles.
    Original language: Japanese