• S
    21:49 January 10, 2021
    There are many people in their twenties with bangs, jani, and slender.
    It is calmer than Shinjuku Shibuya.
    I think it's different if you expect an athletic meet.
    The facility is beautiful.
    Original language: Japanese
  • こうすけ
    05:55 November 6, 2019
    I think it's the best in Tokyo
    Many people in their 20s, slender, baby-faced
    Original language: Japanese
  • Tanaka
    17:43 October 27, 2019
    The customer base is young and there are many ordinary children. Somehow there are many short children. It ’s not that wide, but it ’s more than 20 people. Locally, he is calm or calm. I am thankful that there are quite a lot of discounts.
    Original language: Japanese