Navy Sweat

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  • りゅう
    07:27 September 15, 2019
    Although I use it only on the day of the event, I also write impressions, but the limited time events that are frequently raised on HP on holidays are honest, it was a heavenly event for those who like the concept of this shop (participation on the way It ’s impossible, so do n’t be late.)
    If you are interested, you should definitely go.
    I was worried because there was no long hair,
    The ears of macho shops seem to be extreme if you don't mow them up, and a firm hairstyle like a firm company is fine. I was relieved because I couldn't make my work short hair. But I was surprised that there were many people with good body shape.
    Let's go out with your favorite bread. I got a mask, but this time I want to go on a normal day.
    Original language: Japanese